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Painting the interior of your home is the most affordable way to transform a space and give it an instant update! Whether you're looking to add character to a dull room or perhaps selling your home and want to "wow" perspective buyers, painting is a cost effective way to achieve these results.

When executing our services, Millennium Painting and Renovations takes no short cuts! Many companies will go straight to painting a surface without completing crucial steps in the process which can result in the paint peeling, not lasting long, etc. We make sure to complete each step carefully to ensure long lasting results that will impress!


Painting Process Includes:

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  • Preparation: Before beginning the work we first carefully cover any of your belongings including furniture, etc. All artifacts from the walls will need to be packed prior to us painting.

  • Drywall Repair: The older the home, the more times it has been painted over which could result in the walls being in poor condition. Not to worry! We will repair any holes or rough areas and patch any areas that need extra attention.

  • Trim: Depending on the condition of the trim some clients opt to replace it completely. If it's in good condition a new paint job will make it pop and look brand new. 

  • Prime: Priming the walls before painting is always recommended. The primer will act as a glue for the paint. The paint will go on smoother and results will last longer. 

  • Paint: Once you choose the color, we will begin painting surfaces with at least two coats of paint.

  • Final Touches: Before the project is complete our project manager will walk through the project to ensure necessary touch ups have been made.

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